Thursday, March 5, 2015

2015 Book #19–Brother Odd

brotheroddThe third book has Odd deeply upset. In Brother Odd, which we had a glimpse of in the second book, Odd has moved on as a guest of a monastery in the CA mountains. It’s a combination monastery and school for severely handicapped children. A few of the brothers and nuns know of his power, but most don’t.

When Odd sees bodachs, he knows something has gone wrong and his six months of peace are ending.

This is a really interesting book, and of the four I’d read in the past, this was the most interesting to me. It’s just a day or two, where Odd must investigate some very, very strange happenings, including what he sees as a vision of death.

This book also gets into the strange science fiction / horror stuff that Koontz has written elsewhere. It’s really something and I enjoyed re-reading it.

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