Sunday, March 15, 2015


While I was working in the morning, I Kyle go over to each little kid's room and ask them if they'd come out. They did and he asked each to go with him to ride bikes downtown and run a few errands. Delaney had gotten up to drag the arena and had planned to go back to bed. Once he gets a plan, he's loathe to change it.

I understand. I'm the same way.

However Kendall said sure, and as I packed up to look at cars, I watched Kyle and Kendall load bikes into his car and then head out for an afternoon ride.

It's neat to see them spending time together, and a surprise that our 22 year old will ask the 13 year old to do something. So many people I know don't have kids that spend time together, or even get along. While ours do their own thing, they also do get along well.

They also went shopping, texting me and getting supplies for dinner. Good, because I didn't have time.

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