Monday, March 2, 2015

Ski Day - 2015 Day 13 for me

We planned on skiing yesterday, and at one point last week, everyone was in. Then Tia dropped out with lessons booked. Kendall decided Saturday she wanted to sleep in, and Delaney bailed early in the morning, deciding not to get up.

I actually wasn't sure I wanted to go Saturday night, as I was beat, but Kyle really wanted to go, so I decided to get up and go. We had an easy drive up and then arrived to a nice day.


We got started quickly at around 10:30 and it was a nice day. Cloudy, cold, but not too windy, at least in the trees. At the top, it was tough. We took a couple runs and then Kyle wanted to try something new and we moved off to the blacks on the East side.

They were steep, as you can see here. Kyle's to the left, about 100 yards away, and downslope 50 yards or so. Plenty of moguls were knee-thigh high, and we were working. I had to lower my face mask and unzip my coat a bit.


We worked hard, mostly stopping to rest our legs, and take a few breaths. We had some good runs, stopped for lunch, and then went back at it.

The weather was cloudy, with some snow flurries at times, but overall not bad at all. A good day to be up there, which was nice considering the forecast I saw Friday said 6-8" coming. We maybe got 1-2"


We even went off the South side, the Resolution lift area, where I hadn't been since I first skied Copper in 2000. It was tough, but we worked through it, sliding down in places, cutting back and forth in others. It was quiet, with few people, and an enjoyable afternoon.

The drive home was easy. Kyle drove through traffic, and I napped. Not the best plan as I fly to the UK today, but it worked out.

At least I got up at 5am today.

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