Sunday, March 1, 2015

Saturday Project

My exercise ride got cut short Saturday as I had to take the kids to the school play, and because I worked on this:

Photo Mar 01, 2 28 26 PM

I'd actually hung the support a few weeks ago, but then I needed to turn off the power. I'd be hesitant to go turn it off and mess with things most days since it was cold and I was prepping for a 10 day trip.

However this Saturday I had time and decided to just do it. After getting the wiring connected (easy) I had to puzzle out how to connect the rotating part to the support and add the blades. It wasn't obvious and I was chasing the failing afternoon light.

I managed to get it up, and working before the light failed in time to get a short ride in. I'm not positive it turns smoothly enough or is balanced, but I'll check that after my trip. For now I just wanted the light working.

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