Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Quick Trip

I’m only in Cambridge for 28 hours this time. Perhaps the quickets trip ever. I had a fairly easy flight over Monday, landing in the morning. I had a bulkhead, which I’m not sure I liked. The armrests didn’t raise, and even with no one next to me, sleeping upright wasn’t great.

Photo Mar 03, 2 20 55 AM

Of course, the last time I had an armrest that went up and that wasn’t real comfortable either. I should have tried for a middle section, and hoped no one was in my row.

Photo Mar 03, 2 21 07 AM

I  got a car up to Cambridge, and managed to work through a long afternoon meeting. A four hour session was tough, and I was beat by the time left for the hotel but still smiling.

Photo Mar 03, 6 06 51 PM

I dragged myself to the gym for a bike ride and then had a nice, quiet dinner at the Jamie Oliver Pizzeria in Cambridge. A good night’s sleep, a little exercise in the morning, and back to work.

Quite the trip for me. Already, two flights (Denver-IAD-LHR), one night in a hotel and I head to London tonight for another hotel and another city.

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