Monday, March 16, 2015

Car Search Update

It's been interesting to see how salesman work. I certainly don't present a luxury look as a customer, and I've ended up with the newer salesman each time.

The Cadillac salesman (first one, Tahoe) has called me twice with models that came onto the lot, but I haven't been able to get over there. I need to call him and say we're looking X5 now.

The Lexus salesman called once the next week, but not since.

The Acura salesman never called or emailed.

The VW salesman hasn't emailed, though he said he would. To be fair, it's been 2 days, one of which was Sunday.

The Hyundai salesman emailed me a spec sheet today, referenced a side conversation we had and said he'd like to have my wife come look. He followed up with a call this afternoon. I may go test drive that thing back to the ranch, just to make his manager happy.

The BMW salesman didn't follow up, though I mentioned I knew another (former) sales manager and his wife, who still works there. They were so busy, I don't suspect they care if I come back.

Interesting who followed up and who hasn't.

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