Sunday, March 15, 2015

VW Toureg

I had some time yesterday, with nowhere to be, so I decided to drive a few cars. We should finish our financing changes this week, so it's time to get serious.

Photo Mar 14, 1 13 21 PM

My first stop was the VW dealership. It's across town, but it's a large one and I drove up and as I was walking to see what they might have, a salesman came over, introduced himself, and said they only had one used Toureg. It had come in that morning, so he went to check on it. While he did, I checked out a '14 in the showroom. At $45k, a gas R-line, it was nice. Certainly larger than the Cayenne, which is the same platform. However VW has made it a foot longer.

No third row, and no rear seat heaters, but a nice feel inside. The salesman came over and he'd pulled a '12 out of the shop with 70k on it. The inside hadn't been cleaned, but it was still nice. He had another customer, so he let me take it along for about 20 minutes, which I liked.

Photo Mar 14, 1 29 17 PM

The sunroof is nice. As you can see, it's large. A panoramic one, with a shade. I drove around a bit, in traffic, on the highway, and enjoyed the ride. A TDI diesel, the VW gets great mileage (21/29) and it's nimble. Plenty of acceleration and smooth.

Lots of air, as I tried the sunroof open and closed.

Photo Mar 14, 1 15 40 PM

However it doesn't offer anything over the BMW. The controls are slightly more updated than the Prius, but not a lot. It doesn't have the third row, and it's not larger. The rear seats don't have heaters, and so while I enjoyed it, not sure it's the truck for me.

Still, a nice one to drive.

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