Monday, March 30, 2015


After a day of volleyball yesterday, processing some pictures and trying to deal with life, I decided late in the day, about 7:30, to go for a run. I haven't run in weeks, and felt it was time to do something.

I had a good jog, not pressing, just moving through 2 miles. I keep seeing people celebrating their running streak anniversaries, from day 1, to day 100, to day 365, to substantially longer ones. I miss that a bit, and might start a streak again as I feel I'm getting heavy.

Took this one after I was done and trying to stretch.

Photo Mar 29, 7 50 36 PM

I'll avoid streaking for at least a week. With a ski trip planned and family coming, I don't want to interrupt the time with running efforts, but perhaps I'll start again next week.

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