Saturday, March 28, 2015

2015 Book #22–Deeply Odd

deeplyoddI started the Saint Odd book, but realized I was missing something. That’s when I found this one and pegged it as the seventh book.

Deeply Odd starts just after the previous book, with Odd, Annamarie, and Tim in a cottage by the ocean. Odd goes out one day, feeling strange that he won’t see her soon and starts into town. He’s drawn to a semi and approaches it with the feeling that violence is coming.

He’s surprised by the owner, a cowboy in a rhinestone outfit that immediately threatens him with a gun. When Odd hits his arm, he gets a vision, a scene where three kids are on a stage and this cowboy burns them with a flamethrower.

The cowboy knows something is up and pursues Odd. Bystanders don’t seem to see them, but Odd manages to escape, destroying a car. However he’s picked up by another elderly lady (like in Odd Hours), who hires him as her chauffer, though he declines the job.

The rest of the book is the rest of the day. The pursuit of the cowboy to try and save the kids, the recognition of supernatural powers at work. It’s a twist for the series, going into more supernatural and religious areas rather than just strange ones.

Not great, but it continues the series.

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