Saturday, March 21, 2015


I pulled the trigger today. I hadn't really planned on it, but after we finished the refinancing on Tuesday, I decided I'd go look today.

Here's the listing, though that will disappear soon:

And a picture.


And the description


Tia was teaching all day up North, and I had a morning massage booked, so after I finished, I headed over to Murray BMW to look at their inventory and drive a couple. I'd drive a 35d (diesel) before, but wanted to compare it to a gas powered one.

At 11:30, it was quiet, and I got a nice salesman right away. He took me over, asked questions about what I wanted and then pulled up a bunch of cars on his inventory. He recommended this one, with sportier tires and pretty much what I wanted. I was thinking black, but they didn't have any and I decided to try this one.

I drove it, impressed with the turbo power. It really moves well, and has a nice feel. I took it on the highway and through the city a bit before we came back. Compare to the BMW, Santa Fe, Acura, and Lexus, this felt more fun to drive.

We switched to a diesel, same route, but it felt sluggish and heavy. Same car, one year different, roughly the same miles, but it felt a lot worse. We got back and I wanted to look at the other choices, but this one felt right. I believe in instincts and this felt good, so I decided to just get it. About $3k more than the others they had in stock, but 10k less miles, so I decided to get it. I signed the initial agreement and went to lunch.

45 minutes later I got back and didn't have to wait too long. I chatted with a guy there to buy a 325 for about 30 minutes and they came to get me for paperwork. Finance guy was quick and efficient and didn't press on the extras they offer.

$40k to me out the door, a little more with handling and taxes. I drove out to get Delaney, getting off track as he wasn't where I expected, but enjoyed the car. Having it stream music from my phone was very cool.

When I picked up Delaney, I let him drive it home and he liked it right away. Much nicer to drive than the Suburban,

Exciting. Need to take more pix and then get it ready for our vacation in the mountains.

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