Sunday, March 8, 2015

2015 Book #21–Odd Apocalypse

oddapocI greatly enjoyed the Odd Thomas series and looked forward to reading a new one, Odd Apocalypse. This book starts a few weeks after the last one. Annemarie from the previous book has managed to get herself and Odd invited to Rosewood. It’s an estate in CA that used to belong to a movie studio owner in the 20s, but now is owned by a hedge fund manager.

As you might expect, things are strange at Rosewood. Odd slowly starts to notice some weird behaviors and happenings that he can’t explain. He’s been asked to stay inside the guest tower at night, keep it locked, and in general, avoid questions. He isn’t good at that, and has gone out before dawn to investigate, where he sees a ghost woman on a horse.

From there we move into another strange science/supernatural story, with a ghost that appears to talk, copper disks inlaid throughout the estate, and a boy that goes into trances, but is kept locked in the main house.

I could explain more, but it’s a wild ride and worth the read. We get a new ghost (Hitchcock), a story based on Tesla’s work, and the story I never would have imagined when I finished the first 4 or 5 chapters.

An exciting continuation to the series.

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