Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Morning Ferry

I arrived in London last night, but since I’d changed plans, I didn’t have a reservation at the same hotel I’ll have Thur and Fri. I booked another Hilton, a short distance away. I grabbed a cab over, and actually had a nice conversation with the driver, something that seems to rarely happen.

My hotel was right on the water, with tubes connecting buildings for bad weather and wind. Kind of neat.

Photo Mar 05, 8 56 45 AM

An early morning, exercising and then a ferry ride across the Thames. That was a treat, as I like boats, and it was a nice morning, sunny, not much wind, and I liked the short, 3 minute journey over to Canary Wharf.

Photo Mar 05, 8 51 16 AM

I’ve never been to this part of London, and while it’s just another part of the city, I liked the walk along the river over to the Underground.

Photo Mar 05, 9 26 51 AM

Some people don’t like it, but when I lived here, I was on the tube every day, or almost every day. I kind of like it and had a couple train rides over to the venue.

Photo Mar 05, 10 41 33 AM

My name on the board, which is cool. It’s always neat to see it, and while I try to be humble about where I am in the world, recognizing I’ve been lucky, I’m proud of where I’ve gotten.

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