Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ugh, another project

I knew I didn’t like fifth grade for a reason. There are monthly book projects, which I like in terms of getting the kids to think and assess a book, but I hate because of the art work required. This month it’s a puzzle piece board, which Kendall and I have been working on. We started last week.

Photo Dec 09, 10 03 10 AM

Kendall was sick last week, so she got an extension. As a result, our plan was to work on it over the weekend. When we sat down Sunday morning, we couldn’t find the instructions, which called for 10 different things. Fortunately we’d done a little prep and we had the new book cover ready. We decided to cut out the puzzle pieces and get them ready.

Photo Dec 12, 5 51 28 PM

We managed to get all the writing done on Monday, which was good. However with choir last night and Girl Scouts, we didn’t make much progress. Tonight it’s time to finish. We laid things out and then I had to motivate, argue with, complain about, and plead with Kendall to draw pictures.

Photo Dec 14, 4 32 18 PM

I’m not sure why this one is so hard. The last two have been tough to get started, but once we worked on the project, they went smoothly. This one has been hard.

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