Friday, December 9, 2011

Catching the Bus

Kendall always wants to catch the morning school bus the first day of school. She makes a big deal of getting up and ready to get there and is proud of her streak of 4 years.

Then she's done. The rest of the year, she's never interested, even if she's up early. Today, however, after I dropped Delaney off, I came back, started coffee and a smoothie, and was going to go wake her up when she walked around the corner already dressed. She informed me she wanted to catch the bus because a "friend" asked her to.

We got ready, and headed out the door to try and make it. On the way I asked her who the friend was, thinking it was someone I might have heard of. She told me it was "William".

Hmmm, some of the girls are growing up quickly in 5th grade, and I asked her if it was a boyfriend and could I have Delaney take care of him. She told me no, in that dismissive, sassy voice, and said that she and William were being silly yesterday. She was recording them telling jokes or acting silly with her phone and he asked if she'd record him again in the morning.She pulled out her charged phone, and showed me she was ready.

We were lucky. Slightly late, but as we rounded the bend, the driver saw us and stopped, halfway through his turn, so Kendall could catch the bus.

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