Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My day in pictures

The day started out rough

Photo Dec 05, 7 36 55 AM

I don’t know how accurate this is, but the forecast said -2F overnight. The Suburban said 0F, so it was close. That’s cold, though I’m not sure if it’s colder than 5F.

Photo Dec 05, 7 42 27 AM

That was the Suburban this morning. It was so cold, I just cleaned off the driver’s side to get the kids to school.

Photo Dec 05, 8 27 52 AM

It warmed up 500%… to 5F, so I went outside to feed the horses. They were happy to see me, as you can see with Gemini hanging over the fence.

Photo Dec 05, 8 34 14 AM

Lots of snow, and I got slightly stuck

Photo Dec 05, 8 37 54 AM

Glad I wore my boots.

Photo Dec 05, 8 37 59 AM

We got a delivery mid morning. I was waiting to run until it came, and of course, as soon as I walked into the bathroom, my phone rang. Tia’s arena lights showed up on a short semi tractor trailer.

Photo Dec 06, 11 13 49 AM

It got stuck briefly after we unloaded.



The driveway dipped slightly, and it was a slick spot in the packed down snow. The driver borrowed a shovel to dig into the snow a bit.

Photo Dec 06, 11 26 38 AM

We had an audience as he rocked back and forth, but he got loose.

Photo Dec 06, 11 14 01 AM

Afternoon snacks when the kids got home, asking for kay-sah-dill-ahs. Chicken and cheese.

Photo Dec 06, 4 24 18 PM

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