Monday, December 5, 2011

Still Three Cars

We’ve had the Suburban, the Porsche, and Tia’s new 3500 at the house the last few days, since Tia picked up her truck Thur night on her way back from the airport. The Prius has been at the dealer, and last night she and I finally went to get it.

Today, we still have three cars: Suburban, Porsche, and Prius. Tia’s gone again, leaving early this morning, 4:00am, for a 6:00am flight to San Jose.

Cold today, and I was slightly worried about things starting up, but the Suburban started right up. When I picked up Kendall yesterday I replaced the wiper blade, which had broken, and I was glad I did. There was a good 2-3” of loose snow on the windshield to knock off.

-1.1F according to my weather station when I got up to take Delaney to the bus. I’m just glad we got a late start, with schools delayed an hour by the cold and ice. Not too icy, but certainly cold. At least there’s no wind.

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