Friday, December 2, 2011

My day in pictures - Dec 1

Continuing on with this project.

I woke up to a white view outside the window. I checked my phone before getting out of bed and getting the kids going. This is what I saw.

Photo Dec 01, 8 09 02 AM

Both kids feeling sick, so I lay in bed for a half hour, checking email before starting me day. This what I saw when I went downstairs to the front door.

Photo Dec 01, 8 22 19 AM

Not a lot of snow, but it’s still coming down and potentially we could get 5-6” today.

One pot to rule them all, and it’s all mine!

Photo Dec 01, 8 25 21 AM

At least until 1pm when Tia is due back from Dallas. Just in case, I decided today the XL cup was needed

Photo Dec 01, 8 21 09 AM

I made the mistake of setting my glasses down on the counter and almost lost them. Trust me, this picture is a much better view than what I saw with my own eyes:

Photo Dec 01, 8 27 34 AM

I bundled up after a cup to go outside. Glad I had boots  on as this was the view out the back door.

Photo Dec 01, 8 41 56 AM

Cold, windy, but at least I had a grateful set of patrons.

Photo Dec 01, 9 06 16 AM

I wasn’t looking forward to the walk back to the house.

Photo Dec 01, 9 06 37 AM

as you can see

Photo Dec 01, 9 06 46 AM

More pork this afternoon for lunch, this time with spinach. Yum, healthy, and not quite filling but I added a grapefruit later and felt better.

Photo Dec 01, 2 11 34 PM

A little more cooking to close out the day, sweet potatoes with brown sugar

Photo Dec 01, 7 59 46 PM

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