Saturday, December 10, 2011

Delaney Dad Ski Day

The scouts were supposed to have a ski day today, and I planned on taking the Kids. Tia was tempted, but she needed a sleep in after being gone all week, including a red eye traveling coast to coast Wed night. Plus she misses her horses. Kendall bailed on my this morning, so I packed the car, put Delaney in, and we headed to the mountains.


We arrived at Copper and it was a beautiful day. 20F, but sunny and calm, which is actually a very nice day in CO. We got set and tried to call some Scouts, but the two Dads I thought were coming didn’t. It was crowded, so we ended up not even finding the other scouts, but that was OK.


Delaney was tired. He sat down in the lift line a few times, and I think he dozed off as we rode up a couple times. We took the long lift, and had a nice, leisurely, slow set of runs down. He had to stop a few times to rest, and I think being up half the night on XBOX was the issue.


After lunch he was done, but I got one more run out of him before we headed home. He slept the whole way, both ways, up and back, in the car.

A fun day, and a good time with my middle boy.

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