Friday, December 16, 2011

The Lighting Project Part 1

I said I’d get lights in Tia’s arena so we could save some money after getting a quote and her getting a new truck. We ordered the lights a few weeks ago and they arrived last week while Tia was out of town. They were on a pallet, and they sat in the driveway for a few days until snow was forecast. Then I had to move them out into the arena.

However I left one in the garage, and I went out there a few times to try and figure out how to hang it from the arena structure. After posting a few things online at various DIY forums, and visiting Home Depot for a few different possibilities, I decided on eyebolts screwed through the frame. That meant getting some supplies from Home Depot.

I went today, came back, and started to get the first light done.

Photo Dec 16, 4 19 03 PM

First it was removing the reflector from the light and then adding the bolts to the light.

Photo Dec 16, 1 46 14 PM

Then it was wiring it up, leaving 10-12 ft of cable.

Photo Dec 16, 1 46 10 PM

Once I get all 10 wired, I’ll rent the lift and start stringing the wire, junction boxes, and hanging lights.


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