Thursday, December 1, 2011

May Day in Pictures - Nov 30

Another post, pictures from the day. I started this yesterday with the Nov 29 post.

Photo Nov 30, 7 20 30 AM

I went to get Kendall up and found the kitty watching over her, camouflaged in the animals on the upper bunk.

Tia left early, heading to the airport for a trip to Dallas. So after dropping Delaney off, I needed to steel myself before going to feed horses on a chilly morning. It didn’t feel like enough coffee, so I tried to double up.

Photo Nov 30, 8 16 31 AM

I had to run a few errands, and brought back lunch. My little girl was happy.

Photo Nov 30, 1 10 43 PM

We took her to the doctor, strep test negative, but she was still tired.

I tried to work more, and when I came upstairs before dinner to check on Kendall, she was having a good day with the kitty.

Photo Nov 30, 1 11 11 PM

One of the errands was grabbing a new battery for the ATV. Before going to get Delaney, I started setting it up by adding the acid to the case.

Photo Nov 30, 3 38 48 PM

the end of the night. Both dogs curled up, missing Tia, and Oscar a little worried that Kendall was going to make him get up.

Photo Nov 30, 9 25 06 PM

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