Saturday, December 31, 2011

Book #55 - Requiem for an Assassin

4146dMMt8iL._SX105_The last book I missed while taking a break from the John Rain series, Requiem For An Assassin did not disappoint.

This is the one that I saw referenced in later books, but somehow missed. In the 6th book, Dox is kidnapped. He and Rain have gone their separate ways, but Hlger reappears and snatches Dox, with the idea that he can force Rain to perform three assassinations.

Rain knows there may only be one or two targets, and he is the next one. Or maybe there are no targets and the idea is to get Rain. The whole book is almost a paranoid filled adventure in Rain’s mind as he travels around the US to perform the killings. It made be really glad that I never entered the James Bond world of spies since I’m not sure I could handle that.

In any case, it’s a wild ride, with Rain threatening his friends to help him as he tries to determine what Hilger is up to. This is truly a one of the most fast paced, and exciting adventures out there from John Rain. If this one could be a movie, I think it would be outstanding.


Russell Brooks said...
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Russell Brooks said...

I'm glad you posted this review. This novel shows the true friendship between Rain and Dox. Did you think that Hilger was lying to Rain about his sister?