Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Day in pictures - Dec 2

A busy day for me. All kids back in school, which was good. Delaney had a quick breakfast

Photo Dec 02, 6 40 52 AM

Swamp water and a bagel. He likes it. While he was eating, I opened my package, ordered from the wood show. My new router life. Grunt, grunt

Photo Dec 02, 1 31 23 PM

Then work, racing to get two newsletters and editing done before I had to leave early to get kids to the dentist. I got work done, then grabbed these:

Photo Dec 02, 1 07 12 PM

And went here:

Photo Dec 02, 1 06 33 PM

A quick 2.5 miles, where I felt great. Next it was time to go here:

Photo Dec 02, 2 03 43 PM

to pick up one kid, then head back to here for the other.

Photo Dec 02, 2 22 35 PM

I will be glad when they both get to the same school area. We got to the dentist for x-rays, cleaning, and sealant. Chilling

Photo Dec 02, 3 13 54 PM

Before lots of work in the mouths.

Photo Dec 02, 3 14 48 PM

Photo Dec 02, 3 37 22 PM

I saw a clownfish in the office, and had to take a picture.

Photo Dec 02, 3 57 40 PM

We came home later, and Kendall was dying to get Christmas going. So we dragged up some stuff and she and I started setting up the tree.

Photo Dec 02, 8 23 56 PM

Reaching for the top

Photo Dec 02, 8 26 08 PM

Happy to have things lit.

Photo Dec 02, 8 31 52 PM

Decorating to come Sunday.

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