Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Arena Lights

I finally bit the bullet, and with good weather, headed out to rent a lift today.

After calling Home Depot to confirm they had a lift, I drove down and attached one to Tia's truck. I had most of the supplies, so I headed home to get to work.

This was my view for most of today. The center of the arena is 30 ft up, and I needed the lift to get up there. I spent the afternoon running cable up along the trusses, moving from side to side in order to minimize the amount of times I had to reposition the lift. I got two runs started, one down each side of the arena. Neither is finished, but as you can see, I have some lights up.

We have 10 lights to hang, and when I knocked off as the sun went down, I had 6 up, and ready for a seventh as soon as I get up in the am. I also need to  get the runs finished. I have 4 lights ready on one side, need to add the last 2 on the other side as well.

They're not ready for power yet. I wasn't sure of the height, and they're not leveled, so I need to work on that tomorrow. I think that Tia and I will measure in the am and decide what to do and then start wiring the lights to power tomorrow and hopefully by Friday am we'll have the generator hooked up and lights in the arena.

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