Saturday, December 31, 2011

Book #58 - Just Run

51YhO4SCdEL._SX105_A math professor stumbles on a colleague that has just been killed in his office. The murderer is still there and knocks her out, but leave her alive. Just Run is like a Harlen Coben thriller to me, and I enjoyed it. Hard to put down when most of the book is covering just hours in the real world as a detective suspects her involvement, but quickly realizes that she’s a target.

She discovered an anomoly in an online poker site, and the mob is anxious to cover up her knowledge. For some reason she wasn’t killed, and the book alternates between her view, the detective who tries to help her after he’s framed as being a part of the situation, and the killers who are pursuing her.

Simplistic, not great character development, but a gripping story that keeps you involved and turning pages. At least for me.

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