Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Lighting Project - Stage 1 Complete

I got all the lights wired up and ready. Or almost ready. I learned a few things as I went along, so there are a few things I'll need to clean up on the lights as I hang them. However all 9 new lights have hangers, and I'd have done the 10th, but it has light bulbs I need to deal with, and I broke one of the eyebolts I was using, so I need to get another one.

This morning I went out and wired up 3 more lights, and when I came back before baseball practice, I ended up digging through my boxes and found the wire rope hangers. After baseball, I went out and got the last 4 done, adding the wire hangers, and also removing the film that covers the reflectors. The first 4 lights didn't have a sticker on the film, but the last ones did, so I realized I needed to remove those.

I'll also double check all the wiring and tape wrapped around things as I had some good condensation dripping on me today as I worked in the corner. That's something to watch, though I think the lights will be fine. It did make me glad I chose underground wire and outdoor junction boxes to attach to the frame. That should prevent any issues with the drips and drops.

Almost ready to rent a crane. I need to go get another roll of wire, a few more parts, and the various junction boxes I need and have them all ready. I tried to attach one box today and realized that my wire ties are a little short, and that I also need to get some bolts and try to attach things that way. I may end up using the bolts with lock washers, but I'll need to try that tomorrow with some strapping.

I should be able to do some more kick boards tomorrow and then see how far I get before taking days off next week. I'm thinking Tue/Wed to hang lights and then next weekend to build a box for the generator.

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