Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wonderful Weather

We got hay delivered this morning and it was beautiful outside. T-shirt weather, and I was sweating in the hoodie that I wore. So I convinced Delaney to go running outside with me. He wasn't thrilled, but he needs to train for his black belt, so I managed to get him out there.

I decided this was a good day to try out my Red Gate biking jersey. I'd ordered one last fall from the company, with the thought that I'd get back into biking at some point. It was warm enough, so I grabbed it.

We jogged down the road, me pushing Delaney to go longer and faster than he wanted. Our normal 1.5mi out and back was the route, but I kept him from walking too much, and while he was tired, I think he enjoyed it.

He definitely was in good spirits when we got back.

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