Tuesday, January 18, 2011


First for myself, and then for Delaney. I had a dentist appointment today and had to drive to town for that. Delaney had an ortho appointment a few hours later, which I was hoping to move so I wouldn't have to drive to his school and get him, but no luck. They were too busy, so I had to get Delaney from school to make the appointment.

A few hours out of my day driving around town, racking up 60 miles on doctors appointments. Good thing we have a Prius since that's like $3 in gas. And to top it off I told Tia I'd bring her lunch. I walked into the Vietnamese place, ordered, and then realized I didn't have my wallet. I didn't have any spare money in the car, so I canceled that, dug up $3 in change and got her a burrito and drove home.

At least my dentist appointment went well. Everything looked good, and he even did a little grinding on the one tooth I have that's tilted into my mouth. It irritates my tongue sometimes, so he tried to round it more. We'll see if it helps. If not then I might be getting braces myself.

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