Sunday, January 30, 2011

Book #3–Serial

SerialThe Kilborn/Blake novel, a joint effort of both men, building a free, but short novella. Serial is the story of two serial killers, both finding victims on the road in their own way. One picks up hitchhikers and then uses his car as a weapon with a defective seat belt. The other is a hitchhiker, drugging the drivers at a stop and then dragging them behind the car to kill them.

As we follow the stories, the two killers meet up with each other as you’d expect. The story is short, but it’s funny in a twisted way. It builds with both of these good writers drawing you in and making you wonder how things will turn out. Which killer will get the upper hand? You have to read it to find out, and it’s worth the price. It certainly made me want to get another book from these two writers.

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