Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cranky Day

I had two meetings today. Two!!!

It was a little funny. I was a few minutes late for one, having to feed horses and trudge through the snow. I dialed in to our video call and sat in the bathroom listening to a group of people talk product strategy. With our maid in the house, the bathroom gave me a place to sit, and there was enough light for them to see me. Figured that me perched on the tub, with a print on the wall behind me was a better view than me laying in bed.

Especially with the company owner on the call Winking smile

They left the call on because it ended about 5 minutes before me weekly meeting. So I carried the laptop down to the basement, still connected, and got setup.

However by that time, out of my routine, tired, and hearing someone ask me when I could get other work done, I was a little short.  I am getting a little burned out by the workload, and the family life load. Lots of pressures, and I’m a little tired of doing the basic grunt work AND being asked to handle new things.

I raised my voice, but managed to keep my speech fairly clean and not throw a bus at anyone. I need to get out of here and go ski for a day.

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