Sunday, January 30, 2011


Delaney finally came home this afternoon. I picked him up at 3, and he hadn't eaten, so we stopped for pizza. 90 minutes later, I got him up off the bed and outside to run. He needs to keep training, and two days with a friend is good for him, but bad for his health.

We went out to the road and did interval training, running for a minute and then a walk/jog for a minute before repeating. It was fairly easy for me, not sprinting during the fast minutes, but trying to get Delaney up above 6.5mph and it felt like that on a bunch for me. We planned on 10 fast intervals, but we covered more ground than I thought and he looked winded, so I cut it to 8. We turned after 4 and headed back, but on 7, he slowed, thinking he might throw up. After a few seconds on the side of the road, we reset, jogged, and repeated. We had a couple times where he thought he might throw up, but never did.

He pushed nicely, getting 1.6 mi in, on a cold night with the temp starting around 35 when we left, and below 30 when we got home. He worked hard and pushed, and hopefully this will pay off in a week or so when he tests again.

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