Monday, January 10, 2011


A few Facebooks posts by me.

Before going outside

“I am so not looking forward to going outside to feed horses in 0F weather”

After coming back:

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Tia left for the airport tonight. She has another trip  this week, heading to the airport tonight after getting ready for the trip. With wet hair, I volunteered to go feed horses. So I bundled up, grabbing my big, warm boots for the first time this winter. It was so cold that I had trouble breathing a few times. Fortunately there wasn’t any wind, and it was just cold.

Cold weather is a double penalty since not only do I hate going outside to throw hay, but I also have to throw more, spending more time outside. Tonight was definitely cold and the horses were hungry. Gemini cleared everyone out quickly with some spinning and bucking so he could eat. I would tell they were all cold since they didn’t mess with each other. As I dropped in a bucket, two horses stopped at each and just ate.

I even locked the cats in the tack room. Usually we have the door cracked, but not tonight. I went to town and it was 1F when I left, 12F in town, but dropping to 6F as I drove home, –2F when I got here. The roads were fine, so Tia drove the truck herself instead of us taking her. However it is cold. Can’t wait for tomorrow afternoon and it to get back in the 20s.

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