Friday, January 7, 2011

$43 Sony BDP-S570 Blu Ray Player

I bought a Sony Blu-Ray player today for $43 from Best Buy. It was a Sony BDP-S570, and it was on sale for $149. However I had a bunch of Best Buy Rewards money, and so the final tally was only $43. I wasn’t sure that I cared, but when I walked by the display recently, I saw that many of the players are “Internet ready”, and they can connect to Netflix, Pandora, etc.

Since we moved from Blockbuster to Netflix, I’ve been wondering how to get the content onto our TVs. The TV downstairs got hooked up with the Wii, which has a streaming app, however I was thinking I might need to get a small PC hooked up to our TV. Instead the Blu-ray player works.

This one had good reviews, and it was a reasonable price. Setup was easy, automatically finding our wireless network. After that, I went to the Pandora app, and it gave me a code that I input on my laptop at the Sony site. I entered my Pandora information and a minute later it showed up on the TV with all my stations. Same thing for Netflix, and all of a sudden Kendall’s instant queue, with all the movies she’d watched on the iMac or Wii, appeared.

Pretty cool, and impressive. This is a long way from 12” Laserdisc and VHS players.

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