Monday, January 24, 2011

Packers / Steelers

Two good games yesterday, that I watched in bits and pieces. I started watching the Packers/Bears game at lunch, and then paused it a few times as I worked on a few things around the house. In between some repairs and laundry, I kept working through it across the day.

The second game, Jets/Steelers, I also started after my run, pausing a few times as I managed kids and continued to get stuff done around the house. I finally finished it late at night, after Tia had gone to sleep for the evening.

Both games started out "ehh" and they seemed to be blowouts. And in both games the other team came back and made it exciting. I didn't really care who won, and found myself rooting for a comeback from the losers near the end of the game. I wanted to see the third string QB from the Bears make it interesting. And I wanted to see the Jets make it close or win, and was disappointed that they didn't get the chance.

But congrats to the Pack for playing hard and shutting down the Bears. And I'm always glad to see someone play to win, like the Steelers did, and not get conservative with 3 runs and just eating up the clock. Play the whole game and don't get too conservative at the end. Should be a good Super Bowl, now if I can just get back to Denver in time for a party somewhere.

On Jay Cutler. I have always admired his talent. I liked him here in Denver from the talent, but not from the maturity standpoint. He made bad decisions and was a "Brett Favre" type gambler.I didn't think he handled the McDaniel's change well here, but I was glad to see him mature and make better decisions this year in Chicago. He was playing well.

But he's not a leader and a champion. I don't think he lacked heart, or that he wasn't tough yesterday. He is tough. You can't get to the NFL without being tough. And I am sure he was injured, and I'm not questioning his not playing.

What I do think is a problem is the way he acted. My first thought was that he acted like LT years ago when Tomlinson didn't play for the Chargers in a playoff game. It's not the injury, it's the disassociation with the game. It's the lack of helping or cheering on teammates. It's not the quitting from being on the bench and out of the game. It's the "quitting" from the standpoint of not being passionate for your team.

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