Friday, January 21, 2011

A Minor Crisis

I went to the Denver SQL Server User’s Group last night. I can prove it, with a picture:




And even a tweet when someone saw me walk in the back




Kevin Cox is a friend, and he was speaking on SQL Server “Denali”, the next version due this year, so I wanted to see and hear what he had to say. I was a little late, trying to get kids fed, and make sure Tia was ready to leave. She had an 8:30 flight for a one day meeting in Dallas today.

I arrived around 6:35, just after they started, and watched. I was hoping to chat with Kevin at 7:00 after his talk, and then get a half hour catching up with a few others after the second presentation. My cell service was spotty, and it dropped a few times as I was standing in the back of the room.

All of a sudden I felt my phone vibrate, and saw Tia was calling. I figured she was on her way out and wanted to say good-bye. She didn’t.

“Is my purse in the Prius”

Doh! I remembered it being in there from our lunch yesterday. Immediately I started walking out of the building and sure enough found it in there. I called Tia back as I started driving, debating about what to do. She’d just left the house in this area:




Our house is near the read circle. I was in the yellow area here:




She had to go to the airport, which is up in the green area:




Where to meet? Southlands made sense, the #1, but she was leaving the house and would be there before more. I didn’t want to make her late, so we decided to meet at #2. I drove out I-225, racing to get there before her. I did, and pulled over on the side of the highway, blinkers flashing.



We were on the phone together, and with good timing. She drove up a few minutes later, and I walked over, gave her the purse, got a kiss good-bye, and she left. She made her flight, even getting a first class upgrade.

I missed the meeting, but I’ll go in March or April and catch up with people. Quite an adventurous night when I was planning on something more sedate.

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