Sunday, January 9, 2011

A puttering day

We had talked about skiing today, but with all the kids gone, and the need to pick them up by 10, plus bad weather, we skipped it. It was cold and snowy this morning, with heavier snow continuing all day. So after a lazy morning with Tia, I got up, ran, and then started to clean up a bit.

First was the Christmas tree, then some re-arranging in the basement, then some football on TV. Lots of laundry moving through the washer throughout the day as I tried to get everything caught up. I was thinking to do something in the garage, but got distracted with the steam cleaner, which I used to work on a few areas of the house, took it apart to clean out dog hair, glued a piece back on that I broke, and finally got it working again to clean up our room.

I even found time to sew up a piece of burlap that I'd gotten for Kendall as an Archery target. It got stuffed with some plastic bags, but there's not nearly enough. I think I need to get more, and put some old clothes in there as well as built a mount for it outside. With this weather it will be a week before we can test it out, so I have a little time.

The kids were hoping for no school, and I was thinking it was a possibility when I went to get Delaney this afternoon. The roads were a mess and I was going 30-35 on most of the 45mph roads. Right now they've announced an hour delay, but we'll see what happens overnight.

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