Tuesday, January 4, 2011

White Noise

I decided to come to Borders today, since it was too quiet at home. I set up shop in a nice, easy chair, connected to wi-fi, fired up OneNote, and started working on editorials. The people talking in the background, conversations that I couldn't really make out, helped provide some ambiance.

At least I think so. It was a productive day with
  • a draft of a new editorial
  • completing two partially written editorials
  • 3 question of the day drafts
  • starting off two new editorials, one of which is mostly done.
I try to write and then let me work sit for at least overnight before I go back and revise it. This means I'm in good shape trying to get work done for next week. I've let editorials slide over the holidays, and with vacation, I was behind, having lots of half-written drafts, but not many polished. I realized that today when I went to schedule things for the next week and didn't have enough.

I will certainly be glad when Tia gets back.

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