Sunday, January 30, 2011

Book #2–The Justice Game

JusticeGameI grabbed The Justice Game because it was a free book on the Amazon Kindle site. It costs money now, but it’s a good way to promote the book. It had a high rating and seemed interesting. Definitely a book that made me think a little, but it didn’t grab ahold of me and really make me lean one way or the other.

The premise is not what I expected. A man goes crazy about a local TV expose in my hometown of Virginia Beach. He is accused of being part of a prostitution ring, and comes into the studio, killing a reporter on live TV. His gun, obtained in a straw (fake) sale is the centerpiece of a lawsuit years later that pits two young lawyers against each other.

The lawsuit is against the gun manufacturer that seems to be turning a blind eye to the straw sales. At first glance, I don’t believe in the lawsuit. Even though there are some merits to policing your channels, it doesn’t seem like there is any way to win this suit. However the book proceeds and entangles us in a company that trains both lawyers, and also runs a hedge fund that tries to predict the outcome of big trials by using mock trials.

This is a good read, but not great. It could really be a book that tries to sway you, but the writing isn’t outstanding, and it doesn’t build the emotion. It ends in a bit of a thriller/action book instead of the emotional connection of something like The Confession.

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