Sunday, January 30, 2011

Book #4 – Always the Baker, Never the Bride

alwaysthebakerAnother free one from Amazon, and up near the top of the best sellers. Not sure I’d buy another one, but maybe. It’s like Bridget Jones Diary, in a meandering way that just walks you through a drama of love story. Always the Baker, Never the Bride is the love story of a baker, getting off to a rough start with a local hotel owner, who eventually hires her to help him re-open his new hotel. She’s a gifted baker, and he’s trying to open a boutique hotel that caters to weddings exclusively.
The owner is a strong man, but held back by his wife’s memory. It was her dream to build this hotel, but she dies from cancer. However four strong younger sisters share the dream and help the hotel move to opening. The baker, always with the seemingly right answer, is an integral part, slowly realizing she’s falling in love with the owner while dealing with her own diverced parents that make life hard for her.
It’s a chick flick book, but I enjoyed it, wondering what would happen next as I worked me way through. A good deal a free, not sure how I feel about the writing for $$. It’s somewhat simple, a few too many coincidences and not enough buildup of emotion. Things are predictable and while it made me feel good, it wasn’t a great book.

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