Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shooting Range

A friend came over today and brought this:


It’s an AR-15 and we’ve been trying to get together for a few weeks so Delaney could shoot it. It was just me, my friend, and his daughter at first, so we setup some hay bales in the gully with a piece of OSB in front and some targets. There’s a good back drop to the East and we were shooting down into the gully a bit.

I had our .22 and his AR-15 and we shot for awhile, clustering shots, though not necessarily hitting what we were aiming at. He also had a .357 Magnum that we shot a few times as well. Surprisingly not a lot of kick on that.

When Delaney arrived after lunch, we went back out and he got a kick out of things. I took a few 2x4s down and sunk them in the ground to support the wood and we shot at targets a bit more. Then we put some plastic juice jugs up there, and that was fun. We realized that we all weren’t great shooters, though Kirk nailed one well with the .357 and Delaney creased the top of a juice bottle and the cap flew off.

Some good fun, despite the wind. I knocked off to work a bit and Delaney took his airsoft pistol and rifle out there to have a bit more fun. I have both guns, so we’ll probably go shoot more in the am.

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