Friday, October 15, 2010

The Stack

DLA11I think that our living room at one point looked like this stack.

Well, maybe not quite that large, but I remember my brother and I saving our allowance, earning money, and going regularly to K-Mart and Sears to buy more games for our Atari system.

I know that I had at least 15 of these at one point and it seemed like we had hours and hours of entertainment from this system.

My favorites? I’d have to say that Missile Command and Space Invaders. I can still recall that Space Invaders theme music, almost Jaws-like, getting faster as the invaders got closer to the bottom.

Someone posted a link on Twitter today, with a bunch of old ads that existed back in the day. Quite a change from the various ads that I see my kids viewing today for games.

A Collection of Vintage Video Game Ads

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