Saturday, October 23, 2010

Books for my girl

We had Trick or Treat Street today for Kendall at her school. She dressed up in her costume, walked around the hallways, all decorated for Halloween, and got candy from various stops. It's been a highlight for her for a few years, and usually Delaney. However Delaney wasn't that interested this year.

Kendall got to see some old teachers and she smiled a lot, gave hugs, and had a good time. There was a bouncy house in the gym as well, which she took advantage of along with a face painter. She's not a big face girl, but she did like getting a tiger on her upper arm.

Then it was book fair time. Kendall has been excited for a week about the book fair, showing me her list of about 20 books almost every day. I let her buy one book the other day and she loved it. She read The Two Bobbies about 4 or 5 times to me. And she was just as excited to get books today.

She ran around the library, bringing me back books, and piled up 10 of them. Tia told her she could have 6, so she whittled them down, finally deciding to get a Leopard book instead of the one about the cat in the library. However she only had 5 then. She wanted to go look at the writing journals and pads that they have out. So while I searched for the proper places to return books, she examined the various writing pads, journals, and other girly items up front.

Just as I returned to pay for things, Tia told me that Kendall had changed her mind. She would rather have a book than a pad, so I went back for the cat in the library book. That was very cool for me, to have Kendall want a book instead of some trinket. I returned to find her asking for a small glittery pad, but when Tia said she'd have to put a book back, she dropped that also, electing to just get 6 books that she could read.

Finally, our last kid is a reader, which is great. All of our kids are enjoying books which is something I love.

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