Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cello Delivery

Yesterday Delaney forgot to take his cello to school. Neither of us remembered after the weekend and so he had to “shadow” practice without one in school. Today he remembered just as we got to the bus stop and it was too late to go get it. He asked if I’d bring it to school later. I said I wasn’t sure, having a call today, but I’d see.

I don’t really like to bail out the kids too much when they forget stuff, since I think they should learn. But Delaney is doing excellent in school and trying. He gets upset and nervous when he doesn’t do well on a test, and while we’re trying to get him to keep stuff in perspective, I also like that he strives to do well.

So I finished some work and ran the cello up there. He’s proud of his straight As and I’m happy to help a little.

Tia ended up on her own errand, giving her Dad a ride on an errand, so this was “help the family” day.

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