Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It felt crazy busy tonight. First trying to knock out work for tomorrow before we left, getting done at 5:10. Then racing outside and trying to get hay thrown for both young horses that were locked up, checking their water, and a quick scoop of some manure from their stalls. Then getting hay out to the other horses, with it blowing around me in the wind.

Fortunately Delaney got himself into the car with his Scout stuff and then we went to pick up Kendall. Always a little delay there as Kendall is slow to leave while the leader wants to talk to me. That done, we raced to Elizabeth to get some food for the kids, Big R for dog food, and then off to Boy Scouts.

I was hoping to get Kendall’s reading and homework done, but I got called into a Board of Review. I’ve been saying I would do one, and have begged off the last few meetings since I’ve been busy, so tonight I agreed. I got stuck with 3 in a row, and we didn’t get out of the meeting until 8:30. Kendall hadn’t done homework, so we had that to do, plus a shower when we got home.

Delaney was more self-directed. He managed to get three major things signed off on First Class with just a little prodding from me early on. He’s down to 2 small things and then his own Scoutmaster conference and Board of Review. I was worried he might not make First Class by December, but he’s almost there. He ought to finish in the next two or three meetings we make.

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