Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

A field trip today for 4th grade, and Kendall and I were on it, going down to the museum. I was worried I’d be late with a hectic morning trying to get hay out, but a lot of traffic on I-25 made everyone late, and so I arrived just before they went inside.

Kendall has been to the museum twice in the last month or so, and this wasn’t a big deal. She wanted to rush through, and had specific things she wanted to see in the space section. However we had to stay with our group, meandering as they did to the planetarium movie, then the Amazon special display with pirahna, and a mock up of an Anaconda (shudder). We got started in the body health section, but ran out of time with lunch coming. However we sat down at a heart monitor and my rate was 61 across a minute, dipping into the 50s quite a few times. That’s pretty cool.

We ate lunch outside, Kendall happy to sit with me and not her friends, though when she left with the bus, she was chatting with another girl. So she’s social.

A crazy day for me, and I still need to work a bit as well as go get more horse chores done. Then it’s off to Delaney’s concert tonight for orchestra.

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