Monday, October 4, 2010

The Hamster Car

Kia_Soul_Hamsters I don’t think I looked like this, especially since I didn’t have any passengers, but when I walked out of the airport to pick up my car, I grabbed a Kia Soul, strictly because of the commercials on TV. It seemed like a fun, teenager kind of car, and I wanted to see what it was like.

The car actually is small and boxy, kind of like a smaller version of the Scion xB, but it felt plenty roomy inside. I dropped my bag on the backseat at first since I didn’t think there was any room in the rear, but the next day I found that my luggage easily fit back there.  You could likely get 4 small pieces of luggage back there, or a decent amount of groceries with room for 5 people up front.


Inside I liked that it had built in Aux and USB ports for an iPod. I was hoping for some charging at the same time, but at least my iPhone 3GS didn’t charge when it was connected. I would have liked to try my Nano, but didn’t think of it.

It drove fine, smooth, and I think it would be a good car for a teenager. Not a ton of power, but enough to go down the highway smoothly. It felt as good as the Prius, maybe even a touch more powerful. Power doors and windows were convenient, and lots of little storage spots for things.

I had fun in it for two days, and I’d get one again.

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