Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thusday-pa-looza Fail

I was so looking forward to Thursday-pa-looze, as Tia has dubbed it. Who would have thought that school starting late one day a week, by just one hour would make a difference, but it’s an exciting day and we all look forward to it. Most everyone gets to sleep in as much as they need to.

However today the doorbell rang early. A neighbor found two of the horses wandering near the main road, corralled them, and locked them up in my neighbor’s pasture. So much for a good start. I got Delaney to school, got Kendall going, and then worked a bit since I knew my day was going to be semi wrecked.

And it was. I had trash to get out, which I did as I took Kendall to school and then right after.  That included picking up a can that the neighbor’s dog knocked over and getting lots of boxes out. With the wind blowing pretty good, I was cursing a bit as I had to pick up cans, and chase trash. The cans fell out of the car a couple times as well and it’s a good thing we live far away from everyone because my potty mouth was out.

I fed the main horses, and then got halters and drove to the neighbor’s, nearly 1/2mile away. I managed to get the halters on the horses, two of our young boarders. It was a bit nerve wracking since one is a 1 year old and sometimes skittish. One is 2, but he’s huge. And mischievous. I think it was him that opened the gate, and also smashed the center support into pieces.

I walked them back, which was slow. They kept stopping, walking at different paces, and the baby kept wanting to get behind the other one. A five minute walk for me was more like 15 frustrating, and nerve-wracking minutes for me.

Finally I got them locked up. There was still hay on the ground, which is good and bad. Good because they weren’t hungry. Bad because obviously they are willing to break things to get out. Their water was out as well, so I started that, walked back to the barn, got more hay for them and brought it out. I also dragged more hay out to the others since I wasn’t sure how much time I’ll have this afternoon to do more.

10:30 before I got back to my desk to work.

Not a good Thursday.

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