Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Google Wind

transmission_270x229[1] I’m not sure Google is a better company than Microsoft or some of the other extremely large companies that get caught up in dominating a market. However they are engaged in some interesting projects, and I have to think that the founders, or someone high up in management is really looking to solve some problems in the world.

Google is funding a power backbone for offshore wind farms. Essentially an undersea cable to carry electricity from offshore windmills. IT looks like it will go from near my hometown of Norfolk up to the New Jersey/New York area.

I’m not sold this is the best way to get wind power from the coasts, but it’s worth trying. I’m glad that Google is willing to make the $5B investment in it and try to jumpstart some offshore farms. I know there are some nice coast guard installations about 7mi offshore that I used to dive near.

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