Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last Practice

Tonight was the last practice for Kendall’s volleyball team. We ended up with a big scrimmage, and Delaney joined in, playing on the parent’s side as we went back and forth, trying to give the girls one last practice chance.

It was fun, and Kendall did well. She had some mis-hits, but she was trying for the ball and getting there. She did have a few good hits and a bunch of serves for points. The parents weren’t a lot better than the kids, and had a lot of mis-hits as well.

Delaney had a great time, and it makes me think we ought to try and find a boy’s team for him. Not sure he wants to play with the girls, but he’s happy to help and play with them. Now I need to sign up Kendall for the Elizabeth league this next month.

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