Monday, October 25, 2010

Book #64 - The Second Ship

34614600[1] The Second Ship got recommended to me on Amazon and I grabbed a sample. It starts in the 1940s with two ships crashing to Earth and starting the Roswell rumors. Actually the government only finds one and has it stored in a secret facility, being investigated. A scientist discovers a way to get inside and then the story jumps forward.

Three teenagers discover a second ship in a desert canyon outside Los Alamos. They each put on a headset they find in it and experience tremendous pain. However they aren’t injured, and slowly realize that the headsets have awakened more power in their minds. They are using more than the 10% that we normally use.

The book alternates between the teenagers, the scientists on the project, and spies in the NSA. The teens are growing in power as they discover new abilities to figure out complex math, increase athletic abilities and more. The scientist is up to no good, though we never quite know what, and just get hints. The spies are trying to figure out who accessed their secret NSA network, something the teenagers learn to do as they become super smart.

I didn’t have high hopes, but got drawn into the book and could hardly put it down. I even grabbed the second one in the series as soon as I was done.

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