Monday, October 11, 2010

Book #62 - Trapped

Another creepy Jack Kilborn/J.A. Konrath book. However I like his writing style, and the strange situations he comes up with. He pulls no punches and there isn't always a very happy ending. Someone survives, but you're never sure who that will be, and without a doubt some people that you are cheering for will die.

Trapped starts with a couple heading to a deserted island with their infant and a group of troubled teenagers that they have been working with to rehabilitate. It's a strange situation to begin with, and I was stunned to read about an infant at the beginning, but apparently their center is closing and this is a last weekend camping trip for the kids. It's supposedly a deserted island in north Lake Michigan, and the captain tries to warn them not to go, but they go. Typical horror movie beginning.

When they arrive and start to setup, the husband starts with a story of a deserted prison on the island that had prisoners escape, take over the island, and turn to cannibalism. Then the husband screams and falls back into the woods. He doesn't come out, and the main character, the wife, thinks he's playing a game.

However things go quickly wrong. There are cannibals on the island and they start to pick off various members of the group, all of whom are somewhat disturbed in their own ways. Some are trying to get their lives together, some are just biding time and looking to go back to some criminal activity. There are a few that you're not necessarily sorry to see die.

It's a fantastic story, totally unbelievable, but creepy and likely you won't be looking to go camping in any remote areas anytime soon. I enjoyed it, though it can be disturbing in places. Not for kids or anyone that doesn't like horror movies like Saw.

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